Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome Note

Hello everyone. Welcome to The Topic Bucket. I named this blog “The Topic Bucket” because I want to fill this blog with articles on varied topics. I want to write about anything and everything that comes to my mind. I can discuss here about me and my family, movies and TV series, health, love, fashion, technology, websites, online money making, and many more. Just watch out for them. I want to write articles that could help anyone who stumbles with this blog.  I really have high hopes for this blog. I hope I could write fast and write many articles as I can for this blog. I wish laziness will stay out of me, so I could be progressive here.

By the way, I’m Fritzel. I’m a mother of two kids, a boy and a girl. I’m a stay at home, work at home mom.  I spend most of my time taking care of my kids and the rest of my time I spend online for work and surfing. When I’m bored and don’t want to work, I watch movies and TV series. The movies that I like are Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Horror and a little bit of action. I like investigative and medical dramas like Bones, Fringe, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy and House MD. I’m a frustrated writer and singer. I like to write many things but sometimes I don’t know where or how to start writing. Oh, how I wish I write very well. I know, by starting this blog my writing skills will improve. I also like to sing but my voice is not really good nor I hit the high notes. I just sing my heart out. Well, I think that’s enough about me for now. Stay tuned to new posts. I hope you don’t get bored with my blog and I hope I won’t get tired of posting new articles. Follow me if you enjoyed my posts. Thanks.

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