Thursday, July 15, 2010

Online Games for Kids

Because of the advent of technology, even toddlers can now play and learn with a computer that has an internet connection. Toddlers and infants can now play and learn through online games and activities. They can learn alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, and animals. They can also enjoy online coloring and storytelling.

Here are some links to online activities which you and your little one could enjoy.

   Starfall ABC 


    • Supervise your children when using the computer. Guide them to each online activity they engage in to avoid computer problems such as keyboard and mouse damage.
    • Please post a comment on dead links. If you know other online games that you want to add on the list please send me a message. Thanks.


    1. for me it's okay but don't too much. Just like one alcoholic can cause a car accident that can kill twenty people, increased gaming with real life graphics can do the same thing.


    2. Hi daphne..Thank you for dropping by. Yes, you are right, not too much. As the saying goes, "Too much of something is bad". Online games for kids is good but in moderation.


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