Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hair Make Over, Disaster?

Got a hair make over last week and I think it was a disaster. I supposed to get Pia Arcangels’ hair style as requested by Hubby. Yes, I know it was short but I agreed to his request because I would like to have a new look. However, the outcome was not as I expected. It came out to be way shorter than planned. I got a boy/tomboy cut. Well, the gay hairdresser didn’t know Pia in the first place and the similar hair style that I showed to him from the Magazine was barely copied. By the way, Pia Arcangel is a news reporter from GMA 7.
Pia Arcangel
After my hair was cut, I knew that I would look like a tomboy. I don’t have a feminine face and my face is somewhat chubby and rounded. But, the hairstyle didn’t make my face rounder as I thought. I know it was a disaster, I really cried when I got home but I have to live with it. I just always think that my hair will grow back soon. In the mean time, I have to hang on with this hair style. I have to carry my hair confidently every time I go out. I just match it with a pair of pearl earrings and girly outfit so I’ll look feminine. I have to love this hair for a while. Who cares if people don’t like my hair and think that I’m a tomboy. As long as I feel comfortable with it, it doesn’t matter anymore. Here is the outcome of my hair make over. What do you think?

The lessons I learned from this event are:
  1. Choose the right hair salon that will take care of your hair style.
  2.  Be assertive to the hair dresser on what hair style you want.
  3. Warn the hair dresser if you think he/she is not cutting your hair according to the hair style you like.
Well, who said short hair are just for guys or tomboys? Take a look at these hot celebrities with short hair. They are my inspiration at the moment.

Alyssa Milano
Keira Knightly
Emma Watson
Natalie Portman
Halle Berry


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