Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sleep Better At Night With Anti-Snoring Products

Do you snore badly at night that it wakes your partner or other members of the family? Does your husband, wife or a member of the family snores and bothers you especially during sleep time? Then, you are one of the many people who seek products and remedies to solve snoring problems. I myself is also facing the same problem. My husband snores badly at night and I’m worried because he just suddenly stops breathing for a while. I tried searching the internet for anti-snoring products and here are some products which might help.

My Snoring Solution

My Snoring Solution is an anti-snoring chinstrap. Wearing it at night solves the snoring problem by supporting the jaw that keeps the airways open and unobstructed. My Snoring Solution will not bother your sleep because it is light weight, easy to wear, comfortable and it is easily portable. You cannot buy this product in stores. You can order it exclusively from their website and it cost $119.97.

ZQuite’s Living Hinge Technology

ZQuite’s Living Hinge Technology is a mouth piece that you could wear when you sleep. Like other mouthpiece, ZQuite works by moving your lower jaw forward and straightens the muscles and tissues of the airways. Thus, it prevents airway obstruction and stops your snoring problem. ZQuite is comfortable to use because it is made of soft rubber texture which allows your mouth to move naturally. While you sleep, ZQuite allows you to breathe through your nose and mouth. Unlike other mouthpiece, ZQuite is ready to use and doesn’t need dentist visit. It doesn’t need setting up and lengthy molding process. ZQuite offers a 30 day trial and costs $9.95.

Pressure Eez Snore No More Pillow

Snore No More Pillow stops you from snoring by keeping your body on the right sleeping position and moving your jaw forward. Thus, it prevents airway obstruction. No worries about allergies because Snore No More Pillow is made of 100% hypoallergenic pillow foam. Pressure Eez Snore No More Pillow costs $29.59 at Amazon.


Snorepin is a nasal device which you insert inside your nose when you sleep. It prevents snoring by providing a better airflow through its anatomic conical shape design. It has slits on its surface that allows your nose hair to catch dust particles and prevents them from getting inside your lungs. Snorepin costs $19.04 at Amazon.

Breathe Right Nasal Strip

Breathe Right Nasal Strip prevents snoring by dilating the nasal passages which allows you to get more air. It also gives relief to nasal congestions due to colds, sinusitis and allergies. Don’t worry you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to use this nasal strip because it is drug free and non-medicated. Breathe Right Nasal strip is used by sticking it on the outside of your nose. Breath Right is very inexpensive. Every strip cost you about $0.31 or 31 cents.

Snore Hush Anti Snoring Spray

Snore Hush Anti Snoring Spray is a throat spray. It works by spraying an amount to the throat which lubricates and loosens the vibrating throat tissues. Thus, it prevents snoring. Snore Hush Anti Snoring Spray contains Glycerin and it has a peppermint flavor that gives you a fresher breath. You can buy Snore Hush from Amazon for the price of $29.99.

Choose the product which you feel comfortable of using and which fits your budget. Before buying the product, check the feedback from other costumers who already bought it. Don’t buy the product because it is expensive or cheap, but buy it because it is effective. Expensive products don’t mean effective products and cheap products don’t mean ineffective products. If you haven’t chosen any from the list, there are still many products out there to choose from. Try searching for them. I know there would be definitely one that could offer you comfort and effectiveness within your budget.

Here are some video which could help us understand snoring.

Why Do We Snore?

How to Stop Snoring?

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