Saturday, July 10, 2010

CloudCrowd Online Job

           Do you want to earn money while online? Do you want to earn while using facebook? Then Cloudcrowd is for you. Cloudcrowd is an outsourcing website where a big project is divided into smaller tasks so that the big project could be finished quickly.  These smaller tasks are the one that will help us earn money.  Payment to each approved task ranges from $0.01-$5. Tasks you can find here are editing of badly written texts in a website, summarizing recipes, categorizing recipes and websites, finding email addresses, etc. Unlike other online jobs, Cloudcrowd pays our approved tasks daily which is an indication that Cloudcrowd is not a scam.

What do you need to work and earn at Cloudcrowd? All you need is a facebook account, a paypal account, a computer and an internet connection.  So, if you’re interested in earning money then follow the steps below.
1.       Click here to go to >> Cloudcrowd
2.       Sign in using your facebook email address and password.
3.       Click the Earn Money Now! Button.
4.       Click Join Up.
5.       Complete the form and hit submit.
6.       You can now start working.

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